Graduate engineering student


I'm passionate about Articicial Intelligence and particularly about Machine Learning.

My double degree from CentraleSupélec - Arts et Métiers gives me a dual digital and industrial background, as well as a dual skill set: a theoretical scientific approach and advanced practical engineering science.
I love learning, understanding and I'm always eager to challenge myself. I also enjoy helping others and sharing my passion for science and technology.



2023 - 2025 Gif-sur-Yvette

Double degree with Arts et Métiers engineering school.

After 2 years at Arts et Métiers, I'm currently in my 1st year of this course, studying in particular :
  • Statistics and probability
  • Programming
  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Engineering sciences
  • Physics

Specialization in Machine Learning

3 months in 2022 through Coursera

In parallel to the courses at Arts et Métiers, I took Andrew Ng's online Machine Learning course:

Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Institute of Science and Technology

2021 - 2023 Lille

The Arts et Métiers engineering school is specialized in mechanical engineering, energy engineering, industrial engineering and production engineering for the industry 4.0.

Currently in my 1st year of a Master's degree I studied in particular:
  • Computer systems and projects in Artificial Intelligence
  • Solid mechanics
  • Materials science
  • Energy transfers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Processes and means of production
  • Sensors, actuators and electrical energy conversion
  • And mathematical tools for engineering.

GPA: 4/4
Grade: A
Overall ranking: 9th out of 1 1175 students

College Sainte-Geneviève

2019 - 2021 Versailles

Intensive program preparing for competitive entrance examinations to top engineering schools. I studied in particular:

  • Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Sciences

GPA : 3.79/4
Grade : A

High School Félix Le Dantec

2016 - 2019 Lannion

French scientific Baccalaureat with concentrations in English-language European section

  • Mathematics speciality
  • High honors distinction


accident density map
Engineering internship - 2022
Internship at Sopra Steria Next

At the end of my 1st year at Arts et Métiers, I did a 4 weeks engineering internship at Sopra Steria Next, an IT consulting firm.
As part of a project to visualize road accidents for the Ministry of the Interior, I programmed in Python:

  • an algorithm for computing surface density (KDE)
  • a clustering algorithm (DBSCAN) with the SKlearn library


Genetic evolution
Project 2022-2023
Natural evolution of an ecosystem - Python - IA - Vanilla

As part of a group project in artificial intelligence using Python I simulated the natural evolution of individuals in a hostile environment.
Each individual, driven by a dynamic neural network, must understand for himself that eating plants is the only way to survive. Neural networks evolve genetically by transfer and mutation of weights and neurons.

This project is entirely Vanilla except for the 5 libraries: Numpy, Random, Matplotlib, OpenCV and Pyqtree.

Random map generation
Project 2022-2023
Random generation of an environment - Python - Vanilla

This project carried out under Python deals with the procedural generation of complex environments.
I've coded a program that generates 3D environments in an entirely random but coherent way. Each region of the map is defined by a biome (or type of environment) depending on its temperature and average precipitation rate. The local altitude is then correctly adapted.
Many mathematical concepts are used: Voronoi diagram, Lennard-Jonnes potential, Perlin noise, histogram equalization, Bezier curves or even Gauss masks.

This project is entirely Vanilla except for the 3 libraries: Numpy, Random, Matplotlib.

Reinforcement learning
Project 2022-2023
Learning a labyrinth by reinforcement - Python - IA - Keras

This project carried out under Python is about artificial intelligence and more particularly reinforcement learning.
I have coded here a machine learning algorithm that allows an agent to learn to solve a maze by himself.
I realized up to 3 different types of reinforcement algorithms:

  • I created a mono-agent learning algorithm with a Q-table
  • I created a mono-agent deep learning algorithm (containing a neural network)
  • I created a multi-agent learning algorithm with a Q-table per agent

This project was carried out using 4 libraries: Keras, Numpy, Random, Matplotlib.

Maze generation
Project 2022
Procedural generation of a maze - Python - Vanilla

This project carried out under Python touches on the procedural generation of a labyrinth.
I have coded a program that generates an entirely different maze with each new call. An obvious condition is that the entrance and exit must be connected by a path in order for the maze to be solvable.
This project was essentially divided into 2 distinct parts:

  • Creation of a maze with given dimensions
  • Numerical resolution of the maze by Lee's method

This project is entirely Vanilla except for the 3 libraries: Numpy, Random, Matplotlib.

Image recognition
Project 2021-2022
Image recognition - Python - IA - Keras - Arts et Métiers

As part of a group project in artificial intelligence under Python:

  • I created neural networks with Keras to classify images from a clothing image database
  • I reduced their prediction uncertainties by modifying the parameters and hyperparameters and then by aggregating different networks (ensemblist method)

This project was carried out using 3 libraries: Keras, Numpy, Matplotlib.

Error detection - rain gauges
Project 2020-2021
TIPE Error detection - Python - Vanilla - Competitive entrance exams to Grandes Ecoles

As part of a group project to optimize tipping bucket rain gauges :

  • I made 3 Python programs to detect errors in the measurement of rain gauges
  • I designed in SolidWorks and 3D printed an anti-debris filter

This project is entirely Vanilla except for the 2 libraries: Numpy, Matplotlib.


Arpej 78 volunteer tutor
Volunteering 2019-2021
ARPEJ 78 - Volunteer trainer

I've worked with high-school and middle-school students with academic difficulties. I helped them review their lessons and do their homework in Maths, Physics, English and History-Geography. My aim was to give them self-confidence and to develop their autonomy

La main à la pâte volunteer tutor
Volunteering 2021-2022
La main à la pâte - Formateur bénévole

Thanks to my background, I was able to help school and college teachers to teach and inspire their students to love science and technology. My aim was to develop their curiosity and critical thinking skills by leading classes or practical sessions.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Neural networks
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Recommanders
  • Decision trees

  • Coding
  • Python (Keras, Numpy, Random, Matplotlib, Pyqtree ...)
  • Web (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)

  • Other
  • SolidWorks
  • Excel

Language level

  • French
  • Native language

  • German
  • B1 level

My interests

  • Swimming (in club) and running (half-marathon)
  • Scuba diving (level 1)
  • Coding