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Alea - Random draw software for iPhone and iPad


This application is no longer maintained and is therefore no longer available from the Apple Store. That said, it still works on recent versions of iOS. You can find the sources (in Swift) and the executable (Alea.ipa) on GitHub: repository GitHub Alea

The quick and easy random draw for board games

Looking for a quick and easy draw? Alea allows you to have complete and fast random draws for board games (dice, chifoumi, coin toss, letter, card, number, casino roulette, lottery...).This application is free and ad-free.

This application is a real Swiss army knife for board games. It offers in a single synthetic vision random draws:

Its minimalist design (only one screen, no animation) allows it to be extremely fast (no image to load, no animation to execute). No manipulation to display the draws. You launch the application and the desired draws are automatically displayed.

Better still, by briefly shaking the device or pulling down the list, new draws are automatically displayed.

It is possible to set up:

For each random draw, it is possible to consult:

The ALEA application works locally autonomously and does not need a network nor Wifi. It exists in French and English.

The ALEA application does not communicate any of your data. Only the user of the iOS device can access its data locally. More information on protecting your data.


Do not hesitate to contact us by email to share your comments, suggestions, requests for evolution or bug encountered.
In case of bug reports do not forget to specify the type of iPhone or iPad and the version of iOS. Thank you.

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Application overview

User guide

  1. How to play
  2. Random draw of a Digit
  3. Random draw of a Letter
  4. Random draw of a Dice
  5. Random draw of a Card
  6. Draw for the Roulette wheel
  7. Random draw of one Day
  8. Random draw for Euromillion
  9. Random draw for Lottery
  10. Other random draws
  11. Historic of one random draw
  12. Statistics of one random draw
  13. Reset all random draws
  14. Setting the random draws display


How to play


Random draw of a digit


Random draw of a letter


Random draw of a dice


Random draw of a card


Draw for the roulette wheel


Random draw of one day


Random draw for Euromillion


Random draw for Lottery


Other random draws


Historic of one random draw


Statistics of one random draw


Reset all random draws


Setting the random draws display